I don't know where I belong

I've been home in Sweden for almost three weeks now, but I'm not really sure why I'm here anymore... I love my family and it does feel good to be back, to be able to hug my mom everyday and laugh and joke around with my dad and my brother. But except for that, my family, I don't really know what's keeping me here. I might sound super depressing and whiny right now but ever since I came back I've been feeling lonelier than ever. All my friends are gone for school or are busy with work and have found new friends and new people to spend their time with. And I keep thinking about how I also had all that just a few weeks ago, but how it's all so far away for me now. That even if I try to talk to them it's not the same... When I'm bored I can't just call them and ask if I can come over, We can no longer just sit around and watch movies or go for walks around the park 'cause we have nothing better to do. I can't just drive over to the appartment because I have something I really wanna talk about, something I can't tell anybody else, and I can't laugh in the car with someone that always made me feel better. 
What I can do is look at the pictures from the time when I could, I can smile and remember, and I can send a message and tell them I miss them. And then I can look at all the pictures that are being taken without me, over there and over here, and I can close my eyes and hope that this feeling in my chest won't last for long...
But right now, right here, I'm not sure where I belong