Birthday week

The time is running out and the day when the airplane is taking off to take home to Sweden and the fall is approaching… The day that I have to say goodbye to my awesome friends and fantastic family. The day that I’m not longer sure that I’m looking forward to…

Anyway, Thursday was my 21st birthday so it’s been a whole lot of celebrating the last couple of days. It started out Wednesday night when we all gathered at Chris and Garrets, we had a countdown and when midnight hit I got a lot of hugs and we went to a bar to keep celebrating. Everybody were happy, bought drink and shots and when the bar called the last drink both me and Ronnie probably had a little more to drink than we anticipated. But we had so much fun!
Although the morning after I woke up with the worst hangover ever and went home to sleep the rest of the day. That night I got cake and presents from the family and then me and Elin went down to meet up Ronnie and Sarah downtown for dinner and drinks.
Unfortunately the birthday joy didn’t last for long… I that thought I had the worst hangover in history wasn’t feeling very well after the dinner. I tried my best to cope through the night, drank only water and focused very hard on the band playing in the bar we were at. But when Sarah later on stood up and said she was going home cause she wasn’t feeling well we all started wondering if it really was the hangover that made me feel like shit.  It later turned out that both Sarah and me probably had gotten food poisoning; great birthday!
But the Friday I was feeling better again and my family had decided to throw me a party. A lot of people showed up and we had the most awesome night with great food, drinks and kids running around singing “Happy Birthday Jonna”. At midnight I got a text from Garret saying he was on his way to pick me up so that we could meet up with our friends at a bar near their house. So the night continued with more partying and more fun!

Mike gave me this super nice football jersey with nr 8 on it because I came to Omaha August 8th last year
Today we have been watching football and just been taking it easy all day and tomorrow Ronnie is gonna be back from her weekend trip and more partying is on the schedule!
I'm gonna miss everybody so much...

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